Hey guys, I’m very aware that I made a post about this topic several months ago but I would like to know if anybody believes we will be seeing this in the future. And once again list the pros and cons of having a guild system incorporated in the game. And it would be extra amazing if a dev would comment on this thread. Thanks!

I was just about to post something along this same line :grin:! Beat me to it bro.
I personally don’t see cons in having in game clans. It would make the game more enjoyable to be honest. I know most players have been wanting this for quite some time. Hens us having clans outside the game. To be adding clans in game, would be a step in the right direction for the game. Not nocking on what the Devs are doing. Your doing a great job, just giving my personal input.

Yeah I agree, I get that it’s not that easy to incorporate in the game but every RPG game has some kind of guild system in the game. It makes the game more fun to have that camaraderie inside the game, plus a mercenary, guild wars, etc. there’s so many things you can do by adding this feature.

It would require a lot of Code manipulation. I know that much.

Unless they plan on expanding the game from a more individual-centred experience I personally think adding a guild system to the game will take a lot of their time and effort without much gain.