Guaranteed Mythic Egg Suggestion

This is gonna be a short post. I think the guaranteed mythic eggs should be available to f2p players for 40 gems and you get the extra 10 legend tickets if you use paid gems.

This makes everyone happy. Paying players get something extra in the 10 legend tickets + 20 gem discount, and f2ps don’t get pissed that they’re missing out on a guaranteed mythic egg while there isn’t any festivals to spend their gems on.


That’s actually pretty smart. The hardest bit for the Devs would be making it clear enough on the egg screen that you don’t get the 10 legendary tickets if you pick the free gems. Otherwise you can imagine how many complaints there would be XD


This happens every time and I still don’t know why people try

They could probably put two buttons on the screen. The one that says 20 paid gems would have “+ 6* Tickets x 10” and the other one would just be 40 regular gems.


Last time we didn’t have the huge bonus of 10x 6* tickets. Making that part the bonus for using paid gems is something that might justify this suggestion

aaand since the egg apparently lasts until 3/22 the devs should have more than enough time to implement this before the egg disappears :duck:

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@Dev_VKC any chance this could happen?