Grand Four help

I got to the Grand Four with a great team in 4 days but now I’m stuck.

Maybe I should reset for better rolls?

You could definitely beat the grand four with that team, but for each one you will need to change up your team a bit. If you want to reroll though I’d suggest going for a last biter like dragaia or godfeather.

Also ultra evolve your starter it does make a difference

I feel like if you aren’t stuck on online missions, you should keep going through them to level up your hero rank and get a higher max team cost. Ultra evolve your monsters.

Yeah my Viridinychus is 100% just waiting for the earth bottle I keep on getting skull bottles…

Now waiting for silver…

Earth bottles can be found in chapter 2’s earth realm dungeon but seems you already got one. For future reference:
Chapter 2: Bottles & Bronzemouth
Chapter 3: Pixies & Bronzemouth
Chapter 4: Harps & Silvermouth
Chapter 5 & 6: Lamps (Genies) & Silvermouth

Just in case you run out of keys but still got tickets. They have a chance of appearing in their respective element dungeons. Also may drop after the boss battle. Bronze and Silvermouths only found in wild.

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This post should be pinned somewhere to help out beginning players.

I rolled a Cryptwing (epic, with poison sting, eater, and touch) and a Tedfiend (epic, with ultradusk, dual ultradusk, and dream hunt). I literally despise Tedfiend, he was my least favorite monster before I even rolled him, but I beat the first two Grand Four guys but I’m stuck on the third. I’ve tried him at least 20 times with slightly different teams but his Warca wipes out my team at the time with Assisted Wave. I hit him with a poison eater, bloodthirst, time strike, and a survivor right before he went, but he survived and then killed everything on screen. I got lucky once with a Death Roulette on him, but I still lost because he had killed all my heavy hitters. I also ultra evolved Viridinychus.


Also I need help with Atrahasis he’s insane…

When you ultra TedFiend he gets give turn. I use him just for that.