👑 Grand Champion Hall of Fame: Post Your Journey! 👑

Revel it when u wanna improve it. We here to help

You are 5 y/o player, right?

Yeah I have been here since stun and TT meta, and no, it was so much worse (but fun). No mythics, no multi-function supports, protecters and not ap. I didn’t play consistantly though so I don’t have many SE and I used to be completely F2P so it was basicly impossible for me to get anything

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Uploading: Screenshot_20240513-020231.png…It was finally achieved XD

Congrats here your reward “10 gem”


‘I hope your mental health is okay now. We need ppl like you to satisfy our whales.’

Bro life is first and then other things come. So play but don’t go crazy playing it.


Sorry, Japanese


According to our data, around 11.5% of Grand Champion players have not bought Tier Bonus 1.

I wonder if the description is confusing and they don’t know how it works. Technically, as long as you reach Elite Tier 2, you will not lose anything by purchasing that deal :thinking:

Any thoughts?

Put ‘+50’ for 20’
‘Upgrade for extra 50.’
Make the tier 1 tab shiny after reaching grand champ.

Tier 1 pop up after grand champ stats screen?

Or just forget the tier 1 and add them to basic tier.
Make every lvls reward more appealing as the player climb up.


Didn’t need to to buy it honestly

The purchase represents a commitment. Theoretically, more users will engage in PvP this way.

My guess is that they probably think they have to purchase it at the very beginning of the season. They don’t realize they can still receive all the tier bonus rewards after starting the league climb.




I speak from my experience, it took me a while to really understand it (and I still don’t know if I’m right). When I finish and become “Champion” it should be used, right? So they give me the bonus of everything I previously won, giving 20 gems in the process, is my thinking correct?

Can I become a “Champion” during ranked PvP? or do I have to achieve it before?

The system is new so lots of people won’t understand it immediately.

I think you could add a few things:

  1. When a player ranks up it should show the rewards they get (rewards 1-3 across the bottom). Rewards 2&3 should display locked if not yet bought. If either is locked, a little note should say “Unlock in rewards section”.

  2. When a player achieves Elite Tier 2 a prompt should say that unlocking the rewards is now returning enough gems to pay for itself (or words to that effect), if the player hasn’t unlocked it yet.

  3. When a player achieves a certain point (between Elite Tier 2 and grand champion) they could get a prompt about the paid gems offer too, saying it will now give them lots of stuff if they want to consider buying it. Only if not already bought of course.

  4. When a player achieves grand champion it should remind them that buying the things instantly grants them all the rewards and they should check them out to claim all the spoils of their glorious victory. Only displaying if one option not yet bought. Maybe redirect them to the rewards screen of the first option not bought.

All this stuff should make the rewards system clearer


Your explanation is excellent and I understand that it can really help a lot.

Likewise, I still don’t understand how much it gives you, or I don’t really realize, I give the 20 gems and what do I receive in return?

Dude, it’s so simple.
You give 20 and get everything in the reward list, if you are Grand Champ.

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I think you misunderstood. We can get reward when we clear each tier. Every player would get bonus rewards. Not only grand champions :smile: