Good vs Evil

Hi guys!

I am going to propose a game/discussion!
Did you ever think about monsters personality?
Let’s make two teams! Good vs Evil!
Obviously any interpretation is accepted!
Let’s have fun!

Hmm, okay. Begs the question whether all shadow monsters are automatically evil and all holy monsters are automatically good. Could be something like World of Light, where both light and darkness can be evil lol… at the very least, I bet Wraithhost could be a bit of a heavy internal conflict archetype.


I don’t see all shadows being evil honestly… Nightlord is good side monster from my point of view for example
So I can say about Midas, give me the impression of a bad side monster.

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All thlugs are evil.


Angelion and Stag are evil. Like antagonist evil.

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Funny… in his story event Stag was like, that sort of godly figure that the fairies looked up to and drew power from and all that. I’d expect Angelion along with Jag to end up in a similar role if they were to get their own event lol

everything changed whgen fire nation attacked so all fire evil


Or it could be something between good and evil, like headhunters from star wars.

dragulus is evil
excaliburdragon is good
horrorclaw is evil
aegisdragon is good
tedbeast is evil
chronozeros is an evil boss
chronotitan is evil
tagosenshi is good
omegasdragon is evil

Rivalry between the monsters

The Godfeather x The Penguinator
The Saintfeather x Tinkerclaus
Ultimadragon x Noxdragon
Polareon x Lavaronix
Azrazel x Serazael
Deviladus x Brynhildr
Mojinator x XYZ-999L
Scyberithe x Deus X
Revenarchion x Gloreonix
Chronotitan x Geartyrant
Nightlord x Prismegasus

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I’ll create the part 2 another time

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Allow me to list the winners for each of these match-ups:

Deus X

I’ll be waiting for round two.

I think Nagadia is as neutral as they come. She just doesn’t seem to care.

I also like to consider Tortogeist and Onigeist goodies. Same with Deviladus, she seemed to care for Brynhildr and the girl in her own way.

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geomagnus is really evil he backstabs his friends


Rivalry between the monsters - Part 2

Geomagnus x Astrogolem
Metatherion x Atrahasis
Deathwarg x Titanwolf
Pontibear x Tedbeast
Ashterios x Timberlord
Jaguardian x Angelion
Shurikaiser x Kamishogun
Aegisdragon x Deodragon
Dragulus x Kuraokami
Dolphoenix x Dolphreeze
Bloomeluga x Magmarinus

Dolphoenix and dolphreeze are on the same side. No rivalry at all.

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Penguinator x Saintfeather
Brynhildr x Serazael
Revenarchion x Lavaronix
Ultimadragon x Prismegasus
Geartyrant x XYZ-999L

rivalry on elements

This doesn’t make any sense.

Rivalry between the monsters - Part 3

Serapheon x Ankoudragon
Doomengine x Motordragon
Dusicyon x Albakhan
Terrordragon x Grovodeus
Chromera x Bunkerbeast
Prismpaw x Polaboss
Lunartic x Solblaze
(one of the rivalries i like the most) Celeshine x Novadrake
Stratustrike x Malwing
Oakthulhu x Baublebasher
Tardigrenade x Bundam