Hi guys, some friends of mine told me that i can get goldtail in island 2 north if i search a lot because it’s rare.
I spent almost a week walking around and i can’t find any, can someone tell me the specific position please?
Don’t tell me this is false cause they all have goldtail and told me that they got it from this method

Its not false,its true.I was lazy and i didn’t get it,try had and you will find one,one of my friend got it so it must be true.
Don’t loose hope brother and try hard

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

F2P Arash

Thanks bro, can you tell me the position? I’m also looking for ボート

I am also finding it hard to find the position, does anyone know?

I actually think she spawns only on Sunday’s tho? Thats when i found her anyway :S

I thought I was the only one who knew this. The chance is roughly 0.001% per encounter. Good luck!

Habs it isn’t limited to a day it’s just extremely rare. Took me about 20 hours in total of searching before I found one and I somehow caught it on first encounter

You must have leobolt in your team in order to apear, and even then its a low chance

I can get a sleep god by catching it??? WAT

Go away


Guys,while we one it,don’t you think she needs a little help,I mean every sleep monsters have HG or some good passive but she had none!!! :frowning:
I think next update should gives her a bit help,of course you guys know better since I’m too lazy to your try catching her.

F2P Arash

Being able to use potent sleep at 35 tu is good enough imo

Maybe secret skill of instant sleep all that 100% hits all enemies?

What about a nice roaring entrance passive also?.. Part of me thinks it might be too much though.

Wait, you can actually find a goldtail??!

Nice try guys. :expressionless:

Yup zard u can… just very low chances there is a youtube video on it


Im sure some friends showed me
Thanks Michael N i’ll keep trying, i found goldtail’s first evolution but i killed it and im searching for the fully evolved monster anyway
Also anyone any ideas where to find the mighty ボート?

You need to talk to the guy in Viridian City. When he asks you if you know how to catch a NeoMon, say “no.” Then after his little deal, fly to Cinnabar Island (The one in Michael N’s post) and surf on the coast. You’ll encounter it eventually.
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