Let’s be straight
I saw Goldtail in the shop with the ‘shop limited’ label and at the same time, I saw it in the team if a newer player and some people told me that we can even find it somewhere on the desert island. So if anyone can give some explanation for this.
@killerdog @DonT89 @Lucrayzor

Do I have to say it?

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(please say it, because I don’t know why either.)

This was shared by @Dev_VKC so its legit


@NMEGaryOak you guys suck lmao

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God dammit you had to start this again

It’s an old troll. Don’t get tricked


There’s a thread named “Which legendary monster buy in the monster shop?”.
The guy who created it also posted his team and he had a goldtail over-there with cost 11 and he had bought only a galliodragon from the monster shop till then.

Just give a look at this. Now don’t tell me he’s a hacker :unamused:

Read his post again. He said he already used the discounted first purchase and he added how he already has Galliodragon. By the looks of it he bought Goldtail with the discount and he hatched Galliodragon in an egg. He was asking what to go for next.

Where is this 11 cost GOLDTAIL?

Check the screenshot I posted above

It’s 13 cost if you look at the screenshot

Ok, o think I misread it