Are people giving back Goldtail?

Goldtail seems pretty bad now and i don’t have any other sleep legendary or something else to support it so should i sell it back? I just bought it few weeks back, so i wanted to know other people reasoning on why are they selling or not selling goldtail. Thanks in advance😁.

Just wait atleast for the shop update .And if you can wait for the next update

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Thanks for replying. I guess i will wait for next update then, maybe some hope is left for goldtail😅

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I am not. I am still holding out hope that they will fix Goldtail.


Thanks for replying. Yeah it’s nice to see more people hopping on hope boat😁 gather in comrades.

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Never sell or trade in monster. That’s what weaklings do


Nice to have one more reason not to sell

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Facts. Only avid utilitarians would break the bond they had with their beloved monster †.

Note: this statement’s validity may vary based on how strong the monsters introduced in the shop on 02/01 will be


5/2 is the last day for exchanging. He can’t wait that much


About that. I really hope they fix him, but think in the actual situation:
-people bought the monster with 12 tickets
-the monster got heavily nerfed
-many people have exchanged it at half the original price, so they lost 6 tickets and got the pots back.
-they probably have already given the pots to some other monster.
After that, I don’t see Devs fixing the monster. It would provoke many claims from those who have the monster back and lost their tickets. It’s a very complicated situation


lul I already exchanged them so I could pot orca and angelion to +9. I’d be fine if they did something to help goldtail or flocc, but idk what they’re gonna do for anyone who already made the exchange. Maybe they’ll just add something new to the permanent shop


Yeah true, i guess i will see what all they put in the shop and then finally decide :sweat_smile::grin:

Is this this the shop update that came with shiny or more monsters can come??

Yeah I confirm what I said there

So…do what you want…with the gold

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should I sell mine? I’m not really sure what to do. goldtail is my first purchase so she cost 6 ticktets and I might regret if the devs decide to improve her.

I am currently using it +9 in UC and she’s good for Sleep locking. I’d suggest not passing up on her! She can still be useful despite the nerf.

how about flocc do you think he still has the value?

I state that I’ve never bought Flocculasaurus for moral reasons: that said, in my humble opinion, he is not bottom tier by any means but losing Stun Immunity and Tactical Retreat really makes it a lot self sufficient. You can’t slap it on your team anymore, and it can’t double sweep anymore. I wouldn’t sell it but it wouldn’t be in my PvP team anymore


Wait u have flooco?