Giving up

I quit…

Why are you quitting?

Yeah why you quitting? You make a thread just to say i quit?

He’s quitting because he didn’t get the Haniwel. I told him it would be available again in the future…

It’ll be available again, bud

You guys really can’t let this get to you and it’s not like they’re gone forever.

You cant quit just because you didnt get an om prize, and dont worry you will get another chance to get one its not like there gone forever after the om trust me i wanted one really bad to but am horrible with times and thought it was TODAY at 2pm (my time zone) XD yeah he looks good but dont worry itll be available soon

Yeah lol I didnt get it but i wont quit lol the forum keeps me here , ( its definitly not the game) that is keeping me here!

Ill get it when its released lol no worries for now… But this game needs something like an event to keep it going cuz due to the pvp bug i cant really do Anything… Havent touched the HI in a week ( except for this OM and the last one ) but Thats it

Same here jean if it werent for forum i wouldnt do much and i have pvp but it gets old seeing people use raioh rejin kentucky chopper bug stormfox then stego and charcalynx ya know? It just keeps beating me over and over and i cant fight back because people usually use scapegoat on the stunner and then stun gift stun gift stun gift till you have 700 TU on you then stego comes with charca and a haster and kills one of your arks and then kills the rest *sigh* your not missing out on much jean besides the pvp arks arent that good anyway

Consider this for bad luck. I was deleting my 2 alt saves yesterday and deleted my main save. Now how much does that suck. I had to erase my phone and restore a backup just to get my save file back and losing a few good arks in the process. Dont be down about this weeks OM chin up.

Lol…train your arks and finish the OM faster.  If you aren’t willing to do that, then you’ll continually fail to get the reward.