Gift bag !

Is it worth ?

Not really

Did you bought it?

Was waiting for this. Need Santa cloud’s skills


No I don’t have much tickets

Rock with beards! :joy::joy:looks funky!

looks like rockoid’s midget uncle

So it is not worth it !
But lets see what others think abt that

First water type rockoid lol, but i am not paying 20 tickets for that bag, i could buy a mythic with that and you want be to buy a bag, its worth 10 tickets to me. You know how hard it is to get 20 tickets


20 tickets just feels too much time for what is just a mediocre payoff

Yea i was saving for soral but he is nerfed now so just gathering tickets

I know this is not relevant to the topic but there is a neo Monster discord channel and someone would be so kind as to provide me with the link.

10 tickets at the most lol bag sucks

Check out "discord server " topic for that please

Also they should of add a new mythic to shop, not a bag, mythic colosseum is coming up which sometimes has a new mythic, do they plan on releasing the shop mythic that time and have us waste our tickets on this bag so not many people will get it…:thinking:, just a speculation

Will someone buy this bag and show me the special christmas icon pleaaaase i dont wanna waste my own tickets but wanna know if its cute enough to justify :pleading_face:

Me too :smile:

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7 cost and 20 tickets price for just that bad water rockoid???

What its speed?