General Chat Thread

So I know there is a chat function, but no one uses it. I thought it might be good to have just a dedicated thread to banter and discussion where staying on topic isn’t important. It could be anything from the in game going ons or monster updates, Neomonster art work, or just saying what’s up.

If the moderators don’t approve of it feel free to delete the thread entirely. I won’t object.

Anyway as far as starting conversation. Is anyone down for live draft events? Like I mentioned in another thread, maybe start with two full rosters worth of monsters maybe more than that. And then flip a coin and take turns picking your team. Like a Neomonster’s Pickup Game for PVP.

Yes,it would be nice since only 5/6 members use the chat frequently( nearly once a day). So I have a rapid question: which mon do u think it’s better to choose between Gigasect(stun/sleep bomber and give turn) and Celestoise ( protector/stun absorber) ?

For island challenge? I’d go with the stun absorbing protector and get some sleep bombers/sleep mons. If you have a stun team go for the bomber but a stun absorber is going to benefit you more times than not and protection is great for setting up charge moves

Ok,thank you so much I’ll pick up Celestoise :wink:

Your all lucky you can play IC I can’t play becuase it won’t let me it just says can’t connect to server and the only time I ever get connected is when I draft my monsters, but even then it still says can’t connect to server once I finish drafting. The only thing I can play is SoTF. I’m getting really frustrated and mad. Hope they fix this soon. @Ryan

you need a faster internet connection.

@KingBen it’s not my WiFi, my WiFi is good it works on every game except for this one.

Any banter on this forum is a code violation

Banter isn’t, personal attacks for no reason are.

This thread is fine as long as it’s banter about Neo any other form of banter can be put in off topic section

Yeah I meant Neo mob related banter and discussion

You must live a sad life if you think I make personal attacks about people in here. I don’t care enough about you to do that

You just made my point, thank you.

Anyone else feel kind of slightly disoriented now that the enemy icons in the time bar are facing the opposite way as before? That’s just how I feel, no judging plz…

Haha I didn’t even notice that but now it’s going to bug me

The enemies tu is also in red Now, I can’t stop looking at it :joy::sob:

Sorry guys, but this is what the off-topic section of the forum is for :slight_smile:

The weirdest thing happened to me today. The crashing stopped, thankfully, but for some crazy reason, it showed my shared monster to be Flarevern, instead of Alphagear like it usually is. It’s weird because he was the guy I used to share, before I switched to Alpha. Anyone else get this?

That kept happening to me too when I was sharing a Viridizardon. It kept showing that I was sharing Deodragon instead. It went on like that for a few days. It hasn’t happened to me after that though. Plus, I just switched my shared monster to a Rexo and it seemed to instantly update now