Gem Roll Glitch?

We all know the gem rolls are really tough to get lengendaries right? I finally had landed on a legendary thinking this game was finally going to reward me when… all of the sudden it magically jumps off the legendary on to the next lame epic just like all the rest of my rolls.

Has anyone else had this problem?

it happens every time you roll regardless of what it lands on. i’ve had it tick from epic to legendary, and from legendary to epic. if it slows down on one space, the next space is what it will actually land on.

Interesting this is the first time it has happened to me. Thanks for the tip.

No, but I have timed it perfectly to get an epic every time. I might actually spend money if I knew I had a chance at getting a legendary though.

So is this happening for everyone on every roll?

Oh man. The ticker actually stopped on the legendary for me then jumped to the epic next to it. You’re not alone! Also I do believe it’s pretty random now compared to the hatcher in HI. All up to the rng. I loved the HI hatcher.

I got 4 legendary from egg and one that I transfers from Hunter Island
So it is possible

@Thugboy112. Damn 0.0 I want those legendary monsters… I really want a bloodthirsty aqua type, a auto poison holy type, a survivor / last stand earth type…

Thugboy be spending $ and getting lucky not bad.

I’ve had mine slow to a near complete stop one spot before a legendary only to keep going and hit a epic because i really needed a third epic I already had. I’m siting on about 3 time strikers and 5 protect teammates and I’ve gotten the same striker 3 times so I guess that’s 6 strikers don’t even have a poison guy or anything like that.

Thugboy have you spent $ cause I am in the grand champion tournament and only have had about 5 rolls in all.

Of course he is people don’t have 4+ legendary are level 50 and have completed everything in the game by being f2p.

I did spend 50$, I think a fair price for the work of the developers, but got also lucky.
Yes Hunter island was easier as you could change silver coins in 2 gold, here it is harder.

We give money every day for other things so throwing 50$ In a game that makes fun is not that much.

And yes got lucky that true as you can’t control where the wheel will stop.

I’m using
Craysdrak (transfer from Hunter island)

Yes and no, unfortunately all most all good games today are s2w…
From the other side producing it cost also money…

When you go buy a ps4 or Xbox 1 game you pay also a lot of money + online member card etc.


Here you get a game that cost also money to develop, you have free access to online gaming console pvp and you need a lot of hour to finish it, so I think it is only fair to pay a little more then 1 dollar…

In the end the developers want also to make money like others… If not no one will develop games for smart phones… Or very bad games…

about timing, they made it impossible, since timing eggs was a big issue in HI at release.

Yes you have no chance of timing here…
It is pure randomly…
Or you have luck or you don’t

I spent $0 and I got Angelon and Freezenix (Both legendarys) in a row from my last two gold eggs, Paired with my Omegawyrm. It’s easy playing free

Damn, Auto poison Omega and Striker Nighthorse. You team are so good!

Oh you are so lucky!!! Not everyone get that chance.

I found it to be random, I’m a bit of an addict so ended up spending 100 bucks or so on the game. It is what it is. I ended up with 7 legendaries including my transferred Angelon. Unfortunately no auto poisons. But I got…

Shadow hunter

Rofl. I’ve done the rolls like 7x and all I’ve gotten is epics, granted I haven’t spent a cent, but still, it’s pretty bullshit.