Gem deal

DEVS can you open a gem deal please? I wanna roll 1 more pack but can’t really afford the normal prices :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah. Please. Gems are really hard to get when still a noob. But we can’t go being pro because we don’t have legendary

You don’t need legends to be pro legends just let bad players to compete as it gives them a power boost

To become a pro, you must do something for 10 k hours. As Neo Monsters has been out for 3 years, I’m sure there’s someone who’s at least half a pro :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how people are even willing to pay deal prices. Isn’t it still $80 to roll 300 gems worth of packs? That’s a AAA full featured game you could be buying instead, and in this game gets you 1 guaranteed monster out of hundreds. Devs if you’re reading this you might consider offering a monthly subscription gem pack for $10-20 or something reasonable to offer players a way to keep money coming in without breaking the bank. The high price tag probably scares many people off.


agreed @shadow_x

If you spend, you’ll probably regret it. Up to you regarding whether to indulge this though.

You can never get your money’s worth with this game. Spending excessive amounts for legends that’ll just get nerfed later on is what this game practically boils down to.

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thats true, i just started i been luckier with rare gems then actual packs. if a game is pretty good. i usually have a $100 cut off, and everything else is just grinding from then on out. That way you control your spending, enjoy the grind and don’t feel like you spending alot.

Yah. Devs please. Free gem every week.

I hear you on that. I’ve spent money on this game during gem sales and ultimately ended up regretting it. I really think good games deserve to make money but it has to feel like you are getting something worth it if you are going to spend again. I don’t pay $10 for a box of candy at the movies. I buy it for $1 before i go in and out and put it in my pocket. But if the movies sold candy for $3 I’d gladly buy it there. I think if the prices were more reasonable to begin with, more people would buy. What if for $10 per month you got to select any legendary you wanted? I feel like almost all players would feel that was a great deal and it would allow a lot more people to enjoy building varieties of teams.

We have that already, they’re called compensation gems


Need that 8 euros deal 26 gems. It’s my favourite to buy, and just what I would need right now :confused: