Geartyrant & Grovodeus

I don’t think I have seen a thread on this and today is the last day to roll for these guys.

Anyone care to share their move sets and stats?

Wondering if it is worth rolling for Geartyrant or waiting for the First One festival?

Will it be festival eggs or just special eggs with the first one included. Would love to have geartyrant but if there will be festival eggs i would wait anyway

Yea I think it will be festival. It’s my F2P too so I still need SE lol I’ll prolly wait unless grovo is any good. With my luck I’ll get him not geartyrant

Same for me, i guess i’ll wait for the festival, if i dont get geartyrant at peast the chance for another decent legend is a bit higher

I got Geartyrant. I haven’t gotten a chance to try him in PVP (obviously), but I can’t imagine him being to great there. In PVP though he’s amazing. Team him up with a protector and a few monsters with higher target priority and he sweeps like a devil. He’s just not very high priority and he sets himself up quite easily. Love him.

Lool I was asking myself if I should go once more for 10 eggs, but i guess getting a new legend is more important than autodeath mon T_T.