Game sequel

Hi Devs @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD, tbh the game has gone stale. I would like to propose that you guys create a sequel to the game. If you remember in the original story, the main character disappeared suddenly and has never been found even when his son has grown up. In this sequel, we will be playing as the son, with new sets of characters with some old ones, with the monster league still present in the main story but a new plot will emerge that will relate to the main protagonist’s parent’s disappearance. You could revolve around this plot, adding some legendaries and mythics with their origin story as well as other stuff. You can basically add some old and new events and a dungeon for farming gems and other valuables at a rare rate. Then allow a certain list and number of legendaries and mythics to be migrated to the new game, sort of a time travel and as an effect they go back to their first stage and lose all bonuses and you’ll have to invest on them from the start. Pls do consider this for a fresh approach to this great game and its mechanics.


If the sequel is a lot like Hunter Island, then that would be amazing. I still remember the fond memories I have of playing that game.

I’d say it should be the best of both worlds (hunter island and neo)

Yes please