Game of Hordes help please help I’m level 15 in extreme and can’t get past

Rip. You’ll need to watch some YouTube or a miracle

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You’ve got some nice legendaries but can’t easily make a combination for this event. Sorry but I can’t help you out.

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Thx 4 trying tho

Yeah, you unfortunately do lack all the necessary monsters. What you can try though is to setup Geartyrant with Revan, Balancion and a whole bunch of protectors. Just try and keep the enemy asleep with Revan as well as keep him and Gear alive. Won’t be easy, but worth a shot.

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Thanks. I’ll try that!

Wait, so your stuck on level 15, or your stuck on 16?
If your’e stuck on 15 i have an awesome screenshot for if your ever lucky enough since the teams change.

if you’re stuck on 16, ill be no help. im stuck there too.

Oakthulu for the win on this one. i never really fully appreciated him until i was against 2 bitterbeasts lol.

15 thx