Game center

Hello everyone

I have some trouble With the game center … When i play a match i want to check who i just played against , so i go to game center > games > Hunterisland > players.

Then it says 21 players never played hunter island, and under that i have my friends saying in min when they last played…

Does anyone know my problem ? Is it the game center or is it another place i need to look?

All the time i been playing hi it havent worked but now i kinda want to know who im playing against especilly when i lose lol :smiley:

Please help me Thanks

Navigate to the ‘Games’ tab, then choose ‘Hunter Island’, then choose the ‘Players’ tab.

The list of players with either ‘Never Played’ or a time under them are the players that you’ve recently faced, the person at the top being the person you battled with last. I think the ‘Never Played’ is to do with the privacy settings the player has set for who can see their games etc.

Ah Thanks sabercrest

But it dont work its shows random times and nothing that makes sence. I just played 5 matches fast in a row and the same players keep being in top saying never played. I took a picture

I’ve found that it doesn’t always update in real time, sometimes it takes a minute or two to update. Changing tabs and then going back sometimes forces an update, or force quitting the Game Centre app can also work. 

The time that shows underneath is the last time they opened the app, so if they open the app and then play for half an hour it would show that they last played half an hour ago. 

I think the ‘Never Played’ is to do with the privacy settings the player has set. So if it say’s they’ve never played it’s just because they have their privacy setting set so only people on their friends list can see what they’ve been playing etc. 

I think the “Never played” mean you haven’t fight him like a friends. Yesterday you destroyed my team with 7 arks left dude kami is a great OP ark! ( After you destroyed me I have checkd my gamecenter to see who do this to me and it was you and you were the only one who haven’t “never played”. I think there is a link between this “never played” and our list of friends.