When combining monsters for ex nilo
nd mushroom
Is it recommended to max their lvls first? And why? And where can i find the first 4 eggs? North of 1st city or north of 2nd city?

Do you mean starters? Starters are first four spots on the road above first town. Hatchlings, are first four spots above second town.

Most people max level then fuse since I think it counts towards the get 30 level 99 goal.

Thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:

No problem (:

If I fuse an a and an s together is the fusion gonna be an a or an s?

50/50 either way

What will u get if u fuse a ‘S’ with a ‘C’? i am trying to get a metallo s but the best i got so far is an ‘C’… Not sure if i should capture it… -_-

Somewhere between b and A

Always round up when you’re fusing two arkadians. So an A and an S will always be an S.

If you fuse and S with a C you’ll get an A.

If you intend to do a fusion again after having already done it with maxed out monsters then I wouldn’t recommend spending time maxing them out again and just fuse them as soon as you get them

Why do you even need a high rank barricadus? It doesn’t do anything offensively or use supporting moves… Seems unnecessary…

@Dajara14 a tank is never bad to have if single target heavy hitting spells getting wasted on them and makes my Don or volcawolf live that much longer. Not sure if it works tho, im still quite new to the game

High rank Barricadus isn’t needed at all, but that S grade at least always looks nice!

haha yeah you never know… Seen S barricadus getting BA & killed omegawyrm several times… S rank is always good…

i got it A ranked now