Fun line up

So I came up with a fun line up to use, not necessarily for winning.

Basically first u want to banish and metal slash(very cliché), mainly to get rid of any barricadus or minespider/roidguard.u then can haste with raioh or use stun skin for stego and Osiris wyrm. This does involve a pretty big stun as u want all enemy arks to be above 160 TU when roidguard and meowzard comes out. Just use alert and polymorph and keep stunning with stego.most peeps will take out either stego or roidguard first, which is ok if ur just having fun.then u can just use overwhelming power with the last few arks.
I find it fun because I just like to see what arks I get in my line up, like I got a goldio once so it’s pretty neat. I will admit I’ve probably made a lot of peeps DC because of this but I want them to know I’m not trying to permastun them into oblivion.

Your minespider is placed a bit too late, otherwise I’d say that the troll lineup works well. I’ve had a similar one right after roidguard was released but since stopped since getting it set up perfectly was more of a hassle than being worth it.

Minespider is perfectly placed, it kills omega/magma/typhon in one hit and it’s next to vegitiger and omega

Actually, it kills Typhon/Magma only after 200 TU if they’re full HP, unless you’re super lucky to get near maximum damage every time.

You also don’t have it protected, let alone nothing to stun your opponents to guarantee its survival. That’s the issue. It’s easy to kill with most late game heavy-hitters.

Well it’s not made for winning :wink: also since the heavy hitters are in the back hopefully there TU is high when minespider enters, plus it has stun skin soo…