Where's the snowflake

Anyone know where the snowflake is? I think it evolves to frostknight, which I found, just cant  find the early form.

Frostjack is at the southern tip of the peninsula south of Orlen

Is it rare?  Because I haven’t found one yet.

like 2% spawn rate

been playing there for hours and yet to find one. Found Pearex and Volvon only

At that specific spot or have you been moving around? You should only be at that spot

You also have to remember its a 2% spawn rate.

Last time I actually tried to look for it, it took me three days

Don’t give up hope, just keep tapping and forcing the battles.

I can’t remember its name. It’s in the Shadowlance recipe and I really want it. Can someone help me out please as soon as possible?

South of orlen on the coast. See this post as well  http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/209-the-semi-rare-arkadions/ , his name is frostjack. Check that first post as well a a lot of people keep posting more info there.

Thanks man. I found one after a long time and finally got my Shadowlance.

No worries glad I could help =)

I want the luxknight