Friendly pvp petition

Sign if you would like friendly pvp. Eg. Fight players that you have friended unlimitedly for fun

Signed, i would like some kind of betting in it but guess people would take advantege of it so no

Would love this. I think though that this is already on the dev’s plate and they are trying to make pvp permanent first.

That would be good

Have been asking for a pvp friend challenge feature for months and I think the Devs are aware that almost everyone would be in favor of this if it could be implemented.

its definitely on our plate!


Thank you!!!

I can’t wait!! :grin:

this would b amazing. I’ve been wanting this for a long time.


Glad to know that :slight_smile:

Good be good for developers to implement this…Best to have a offline duel and a live duel like spellstone…

Waiting for the randomised pvp was too much. Thanks devs!!!

I really hope that this comes really soon. Am so excited to teach my friend on how to play on top lvl

I am a man that doesn’t have or want the luxury of friends in life. Relying on others leads to weakness and is unacceptable, kidding.

Now that I think about it I have a ton of friends in the game and think your idea is excellent. Except looking through my list I see mutiple mons with crowns, that have numbers on them usually in the single digits, but a couple with double as high as 14 without checking now. Maybe this isn’t the best idea after all as I don’t have a single crown, but who cares, I like taking beatings. They are healthy for the soul.