Forum chat

Okay, as no one uses it, i propose an idea, lets use this thread to cordinate when to join the chat, for example, i say "ill be in the chat from x hour to x hour, that way people can start joining and maybe we can get mike to talk :v.

Sounds good

Awesome idea.

Ill be there in exactly 2 hours, if anyone wanna join

nah you suck :stuck_out_tongue:



Friends can any one plz tell me how can i clear
Trainer dojo chapter. (change game to u by desptrite strik.last bettel ).

Keep aegis alive with db & hp sharing. Accelerate & reckless with rhino. Once they are all on low hp use life flip all.

Thanks friend :+1:

when will be the next update and also when will PvP starts

Mike said April/mid April

Hey freinds any has beaten the count lectors shadow arena
Master challeng how

Just kill the poison monsters with the last biter champ

Z19 GaryOak

“If only there’s some sort of video we could watch that would help us out!” *sarcastically*

Hey friends can any one tell me that how can i join a clan
And what is the advantage of join in a clan

You need to ask leader of that need to install line and in clan you can talk,ask their help on your team,… .
F2P Arash

after beating level 300 in island challenge could i got rewards continue

No,its last lvl for rewards
F2P Arash

When the new island challenge is coming