Hello, names Reyna but just call me Mizzy (the name i used in every gane since i was like 13 years old) I just started Neo monsters 2 days ago, currently level 19. Theres no way to communicate in game considering its not really multiplayer other than pvp, so i wanted to see if theres a community on a chat app. i dont socialize on forums much, just use em to get and give info. Im a low level now but, unfortunately, i have the cash disease where i tend to spend tons and tons of money on games that i cant even afford. So i will level quick in case any of the chat groups have level restrictions. Thanks for any help in advance!

There is a group in a platform called “line” download it and give me your id for me to add you

Thanks Vegetto, not sure if you created the group but in the future try an app called “Link” its made by IGG for their players to create guild groups and stuff. After i discovered it i havent used line much but ill definately join. I cant pkay games without socializing lol

Didnt create it, just that i have lots of free time right now and i just answere everyone who wants to join lol
I think ive heard of that app before but line is also pretty good.
Give me your ID so i can add you

Hi all. Why not just make whatsapp group.

Hello to all, i am Satya basically from India…

Hey Satya, just a heads up, it’s not common forum courtesy to reply to very old threads. Generally if the latest reply is older than 3 months, then you shouldn’t in that topic anymore. Try starting your own topic instead. Locking this one.