First egg monsters

Hello every one!!! Just wanted to know if theres a chance to get any monster in the list( Regular egg) in the first hatch? Its seems its only limited in few monsters. In legendary, i think you can only get pinguini, rexo, tiamof and shadowyrm. Anyone get legendaries other than this in first hatch? Example omegaling, emeral or lavafeather.

not entirely sure I think it’s limited I have always seen the same 5 or 6 legendaries no matter how many times I’ve re rolled on my noob account.

edit: Think I’ve only ever seen tiamof,darkslither and both last biters.

You can also get Mecha for sure. Dunno if also Lava
Probably yes

Macha is better than lava since roaring Mons can’t kill him in one shot

wish I waiting till I pulled lava now when I did it I took a last biter for obvious reasons but now I badly want a tt legendary

but lava is better because he can’t be one shot from Raizen and Searguard