First awakening?

Even though I’ve been an avid hater of mythic monsters, I kinda did it to prove a point.

It took 15 packs to do it which is a lot of money for most everyone. Even then, I would consider myself very lucky. And I was disappointed to find out that there was no cool animation. It was the same as evolving a legendary.

We’ll see how he does in pvp.


That was fast :joy::joy::joy::joy:

15 packs only??? Jesus the luck is real nice one I expected it to be longer before the first awakening

15 packs for 4 dupes tho is Ridiculous rng

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Lol agreed. Although to put it in Perspective, I think this is the best chance anyone will ever get and in essence, it costed 350$ or 750 on a normal run and that’s with extreme luck. #paytoplay

Haha right? lol I rolled 3 more packs for shots and giggles then got a dupe and then I was like. Heck. Why not and just kept rolling haha

You bro @Thaiger congrats.
Any change in those 7* tickets?

18 packs for a guaranteed timber, and thaiger over here is doing 15 packs for 3 dupes of a 1% mythic

This is the time where everyone is happy to get a dupe :joy:

Congrats damn
Then there’s doing 24 for not a single myth


Damn :sweat_smile: sorry bro.

:sob: it’s ok


You did? Damn that’s the worse luck I must say. Devs nerfed you hard :joy::joy::joy:

Those 7* tickets in awakening section

Always had bad luck

There shouldn’t be any changes to the 7 star tickets as he didnt get any extra of the mythic as what the awakening needs

7 star tickets are basically +3 pots or gives access to those pots.

15 packs is lucky. I guess if the mystic wasn’t 10x chance it would’ve been near impossible to get 3 extra dupes.

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It would be nice to get an in game notification when a monster is awakened. Like the bells in dark souls.

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Wow imagine if you are able to get shards from events, and here is my man paying 350usd for it.

Thank you now everyone knows how stupid that was and no one will roll for dups mythic. But you be remembered as the first one to awaken it.