Finally I got KAMIWYRM

Thank you this forum and everyone for tactics.

Congratulations Kyosuke3! :smiley:


What’s your GC…?

Great, another Kamiwyrm to deal with.

Just kidding, congrats!


haha don’t worry. Most people with Kami (not like there are many) are not doing pvp nymore…

Thank you this forum and everyone for tactics.

Congrats… I remember the excitement I had when I got him.

What GC stand for?

But guess about user name. Sure , I in top 20 .Let 's guess as 

GC means Game Center

Let’s not and say we did.

Congrats and Enjoy your kami, I have enjoyed mine!

BTW, Jooky also got his own kami as well. He already added it to his stun team :slight_smile: Be prepare everyone

Jooky still quits to me even with Kami.  <_<

 I quit due to 2 purpose after got KAMI.

1.Give free diamond to someone seem weak or I always win.

2.I have to quit to do some other task while just play.

Anyway,I use stun team so that why I can get KAMI , without them may be take a year.

My Stego and Charcal get by  very lucky spin egg on playing Infinite dungeon , may be about floor 200. Which mean that I won them at first or second time when spin egg,I just a lucky man.

My Stego at first is only B grade. Charcal even now is C grade so BA is rarely.

By the way, my girlfriend always request me to stop play this game. hahaha. so after get KAMI you will rarely see me.???

First post!