Katy Perry - Roar

i know everyone’s already seen & heard this, but for a bunch of Hunter Island fans i thought it might be noteworthy that Perry’s character in this vid collects a bunch of cool animals, lol.

Never assume that everyone has seen this video. This is my first time seeing it, and no offense the only thing I’m enjoying is the special effects in this video. Not a fan of Katy Parry. Also if you are going to post music please check out the other topics that have involve posting music.

There’s nothing wrong with this topic, there isn’t another topic where this would actually belong. 

This isn’t normally the type of music I listen to, but I do like the song!

I haven’t seen it either.

Katy Perry isn’t my thing either, but the video was good. LOOK AT THOSE BIRDS. <3

Ive seen it before, love the song but the video always seemed funny to me :wink:


Roar is my third favourite song right now which is after Acapella which is after Timbre which are also really good songs and I highly recommend you to listen to them

I hate this song but I’m a secret fan of Katy Perry and Kesha

You hate katy perry! DX
I mean roar atleast, its a great song :c