Post a Song, Rate the One Above you

Alright so I’m assuming everyone here likes music.

Of course, you know what they say about assumptions.

Anyway, the way this works:

You post a song, you give it a yay or nay then you post your song after you rate the song above you.

Remember, just because you may dislike it, doesnt mean you should bash it and make the person feel bad for posting said song. I like to imagine we can all be civil people who can appreciate others opinions.

Also, please state if its explicit and uncensored.

Enough talking

Here’s my song


Here’s the actual link if this doesn’t work

Haha, ZZ Top, beard and rock n’roll, what’s not to like : D ? I’m saying yay mister Deadpool !
Plus there are fine ladies in that music video, that’s another good reason to like the song

Here comes mine :

Okay, just how did you manage to get the video to show?

I’m not familiar with this style of forums so forgive my ignorance  As Mr. Deadpool requested here is my example of amazing music skills!  Audiomachine FTW!

I just copy-pasted and it worked.

Nah, just kidding, I sacrificed puppy to the god of the Internet while saying an old voodoo incantation

That makes sense.  Wait you used the embed code didn’t you?

Ok so I sacrificed my puppy and both my cats and said the incantation to the god of the internet but it still isn’t working.
Hmmm, I think I need more puppies.

Off Topic:
On Topic:
I enjoy the songs by “Imagine Dragons”.

Not really my type, but my partner loves Imagine Dragons and I kinda can understand why.

I´m more into the “heavy” stuff myself and metal being the favorite. So here´s my contribute to this…

Genre: Melodic Death Metal (not for the faint of heart)

Group: Shaded Enmity

Song: And Life Was Great

Best enjoyed with some warm waffles!

I do love metal/hardcore/post-hardcore/etc…just not grindcore.

Here’s one by Amaranthe, it’s called Hunger:

The chorus is amazing!

Sir, that is amazing!

You forgot to post a song, sir…

This better?

Oh dude, that was so deep I can’t even see you right now. Like, I feel business cat has changed my life forever, so applicable to my life.

My contribution:

  1. Business Cat for President

  2. How did you get it your link to work like that

  3. So Deadpool doesn’t get mad :

  1. I agree entirely that this should be a thing.
  2. Hit share -> copy link on the youtubes :wink:
  3. Another song, unfortunately American Noise isn’t available on a mobile device but I know of it and I approve.

Well thank you sir for the tip and Approval is always good, cause I approve^  :smiley:

^Not a bad song, electronica isn’t really my thing, but it seems nice. At least it’s not Bieber, am I right?
Anyway, I suggest Riot Maker by TECH N9ne. Sorry, don’t got a video link of it, but hey, that’s what Google is for :stuck_out_tongue: Warning: Explicit lyrics

Don’t worry I got you covered, here is Riot Maker:  


Lol hmm… I TECHINCALLY didn’t post this so I should be allowed to rate it, right? xD 10000000/10