Fastest way to grind XP

Hey everyone,

Most of us already know that the best ticket-XP ratio is at chapter 4 - shadow temple - last battle, which means it the fasted way ti grind XP on daily basis.

Since its a boring battle, i have been trying some different things to make the battle the fastest i can. So i have come up with something i think is pretty fast and made a video of it for you to try (if got the monsters nessesery).

Every move is planned, both mine and the enemy. The only thing that will be random is who Dreadgar is going to hit (never fatal). Everyone else will behave the same.

By the way - the team placement (where nightrider is standing) is important for the TT.

Here is the video:

Could be fun if everyone will share their strategy for the battle, maybe we will all learn something.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Before they introduced the speed up mode for battles I actually used the final battle of chapter 6 for levelling up. Worse exp/ticket but uses the tickets up much faster and is a good fun fight. I wouldn’t recommend it to people now but coming up with different strategies for that was fun.

I think it would be great to make a solid strategy for the best farming map (the one this topic is about) using only the most common monsters. I.e. So new players can get farming it quickly.

My original strategy revolved around a front line of Galzbane, Chronozeros and a 5* DD.