Best place to farm xp

Is it still chapter 4 Shadow last boss. the 9 tickets for 2440 points. I just hit 85 and its 44k per level. that’s almost 2 completely full ticket bars. Im trying to grind up my level to unlock more team cost once I start UE all monsters.

It’s still the best ratio in the game. If you’re looking to save more time though, then the pyramid mission is pretty decent, half the ratio of chapter 4 dungeon but at least you get free ingredients out of it. The final mission in chapter 8 is even better, and its hell mode counterpart is better still.

Yea im only on chapter 5. I only advance online chapter 1 battle a day from double xp battle. I see no need to rush it when u get vert little rewards for clearing those chapters. All tickets go into events and chapter 4 shadow boss as of right now

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