fake description for Galliodragon's double stunstrike

it says “deals critical damage” to 2 enemies and stun them! but actually “critical damage” is like 800 to 1000…what a joke…

Its critical bro, if scaled with clioseraph attack :joy::joy:

Well, there’s no use in stunning them if you’re just gonna wipe them out with one hit.

Lol “deals okay damage” to 2 enemies

Currently, it seems to be an useless skill~~

Since it has a cool down of 200 seconds, definitely

then this dragon doesnt have any fatal damage skill as a legendary…lol

Does it need to be a fatal legendary? It seems like a strong support monster that can do a little bit of damage.

It supports nothing. The stun strike has no advantage as it need to wait 200sec once even for the first move, once the opponent has a stun absorber at the teamline, it can not even use the stun strike. And the life flip unlimited only available to itself, not teammate. I don’t think it can support anything, unless you suppose leaving a good looking dragon standing around is some kinds of support :P ~~

I assumed that it would have the stun strike no matter what, and the cool down was every time it used it. If what you said is true, than yes I guess he isn’t too good.

he sux actually even worse than dolphin before buffed

At least you got a legendary.

i don’t know how you felt like in the past you landed on a legendary first then figured out that it was a dolphin…

I have gotten a dupe, that was probably worse. I don’t have dolphin.

I would totally take him because it would be a new legendary to play around with. Currently I’m bored because no new legends.

I agree this new legendary Is really bad.
Must be the worst one

What other moves does it have?

one AOE, life flip unlimited, stealth~~

How much does it stun for?

The black dragon? Lol it’s moveset seems bad with stun strike being a disappointment. Thankfully i didn’t roll it…

200sec, but it can only be used after the monster stay in the field over 200sec, and you need to wait for another 200sec until you can use this stun strike again even though it just has a cd 130sec~~