Extended PvP

@Dev_VKC what’s the reason for extending ranked pvp by a day? As far as I know, there wasn’t some sort of bug that delayed it. Having an extra day just seems like unnecessary grinding and more sleep deprivation to me.


Seriously there is one more day of qualified PVP. Where did they say it? , was it reported somewhere? Thanks in advance

I noticed some people talking about an extra day but just thought they were confused. Turns out they’re actually right lmao


I have also seen some people talking about this, but what I want to know is how do they know that there is one day pvp comes in?

The event says that it ends on the 21st

Dark lord alva is always right lol, Im curious as well, now one win doesnt even move you in pvp

I reckon it was an error of some sorts?
This is a first honestly. (in a while at least)

Normally in my game it always says an extra day, for example if it says that it ends on the 21st it means that it will end on the 20th at 11:00 pm Cuban time,The same for when an event starts

@Dev_VKC Could you clarify our doubt and if you do not mind telling us the reason please. Thanks

We are in the same time zone, its supposed to end today at 11 pm which will be the 20th, it definitely has an extra day!

If so, I would not have problems, I like pvp so I have no problems if there is a day ofas, I just want to know if I can save my tickets or should I use them before the regulation time runs out

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At this stage, one win will prolly take u up 1 or 2 spots lol, hahah

You guys know @Dev_VKC doesnt work on weekends


U guys grind hardcore.
I barely play 30 matches on ranks.
Cuz It’s a lot of stress on ranked pvp.
Not a single misplay goes unpunished.
Gl to people aiming for top this season.

Yep I don’t like it either. Just wanted to get the SE and might be forced to play later today if many others do.

maybe they wanna set things in order for anniversary, next season might start early

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Same here, I skipped rank if I could

If i grinded all my tickets i could get an above average rank prolly but the stress is too much.
Specially it ruins the whole day for me if i somehow lose a few consecutive matches on ranks.
I actually don’t want neo to affect my social life. That’s why i play less on ranks.
Also the match making is biased. Match me with players that are on my level. But no that won’t happen. Literally most of my matches are against well known spenders/250hr+ or popular solo players. At least give me opponents that i can play against with a bit more ease so that i won’t feel like cracking my skull every time i do a wrong move.