Evolving starters further event?!

Was the evolutions of the ultra-evolved starters only for a short bit?! I caught all four during the time frame and never once got the secret ingredient quest!!

The event hasn’t happened yet. It will probably be available when the PVP update comes out which is coming real soon!

Probably when the current events ends and the update will come out the developers will release the event for the new ingridient

Is it worth it to catch them all multiple times?

Yes, they will probably work together perfectly. So there on their best if you have all four of them.

You’ll need the four monsters to fuse together into the new form of one of them. So in time, if you want to collect the four monsters in their final stage, you’ll need every starter monster 4 times.

He means like 4 of each I think. That he gets 4 ultra evolution.

Hey, I still havn’t all starters about 4 times. Does anyone know how long there will be the possibility to farm the starters ?

It doesn’t end.

Wouldn’t doubt after this point if you could fuse all 4 of the 5 stars to make a legendary.

Well, legendaries are just extraordinary that’s what makes them so powerful and rare. They don’t just give that away with something like this or the ‘magic feeling’ of the legendary will be gone soon.

There’s actually a lot of games that will give one farm able monster of the highest rarity

I think that having 1 legend that anyone can get would be beneficial for the game. No one would be able to complain about not getting any legendaries.

Been saying that for awhile, just expand the fusion system and people can combine their epics and super epics for better monsters. Then just have a final ingredient like the moliath for events to evolve that way it remains difficult to do but can be achieved through work.

You could make all the poison massacre super epics combine for a legendary poison massacre monster or something similar.

To devs: We like this stuff. Please make more.