Egg pool update + rare egg results!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Many candy rocks shall be burned on this day. Let us come together and share our results!

For my haul… rolled 11 eggs(one more very soon). The result? Lunartic, Solblaze, Betty and Beckie all in a row, in that order LOL. Pretty incredible how that big fat 4 monster streak came through after 6 eggs of diddly squat. Overall, quite satisfied. Cannot WAIT to see what I can pull with this duo :smiling_imp:

Neo monster - Halloween Egg

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I kinda meant for it to be rare egg hatches, but ok

I cracked open 9 eggs. I wanted Gryphking more than anything else. I got:

1 SE (dupe) that link thunder penguin monster
2 Void (1st shard)
4 Oniblade (dupe)
5 Frozmaw NEW SE
6 Ultima Dragon (dupe)
7 Dragaia (dupe)
8 Abyss (dupe)
9 Can’t remember but a SE dupe

1 new legend 1 new SE 1 mythic shard
Total of 4 legends 1 Mythic 4 SE’s

I’m happy about Chrome. I can’t complain.

Would would totally recommend trying frozmaw at least once. He can have some crazy moments.

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Interesting you say that, I just posted in the PvP thread saying his sleep move is OP before reading your post. I agree. :+1:

So I opened my 95 rares just now and the result is quite sad.
SE dupes- 6
New SE- Torrentide
Legend dupes- 6
New legends- Gryphking
Prismpaw x 2
The lighting last biter

Gryphking and Torrentide are awesome.

I think you did well to be honest. I would be happy with just gryph

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Yeah I quite happy about gryph considering I have botanic and bunker. But still I really wanted chrome or the other prism

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Im just waiting for bloom to build my motar team

Bro, I’m crazy jealous. I’ve wanted those 3 for ages. I only got Bunker. You are very lucky. Forget about Chrome! I wish I could swap you. Don’t think Gryph won’t be good in PvP as well. When he gets going with the other two it’s hard to stop.

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I also wish I got the new water mythic samugon. The 1st form will be nuts with canishogun

9/19 of your eggs were legend, that’s pretty much the exact expected ratio, just barely below half. Mine too, got 5/11. No myths though :confused:


His first version is a 5* monster. Cani wont profit from it (no piercing)

The 1st form will be tanky due to the current bug and it will get plenty of slayerbane targets from the goldoids :wink:

Rolled 7 rares
3 legend dupes
3 SE dupes
1 Ziberius😍

I got this guy three f****in times what are the odds. 3x tickets


Oni dup

I swear this game is rigged am getting scamazed here.

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Rolled 7 rare eggs

4 SE dupes
2 Legendary dupes
1 raizen.

Tbh I have expected a bit more xD

7 rolls, chrome and prismapaw were new, heavens dupe, penguini dupe, and 3 se dupes

85 rare , dupe Dragia and shuzikikaiser , max void , new : pola and terragar . Other dupe Se . Very sad 1/4/12