VNM hardest team


Hey my in game name is VNM. Im just wondering what the hardest team for y’all to beat that i have run? I usually make a new team everyday day and try different things so i wanna know what the best team i have made ?


Best team is Z19 Ante. That mofo shicks my kit.

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I think he ment about the teams that he has made.


I’m talking about my team not other players


If u want tips to beat unown. Just run regalia and dnt get sleep lock and u will have a high chance of beating him.

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I played you yesterday or maybe the day before and found that team to be good. You had me on the ropes but the took out 3 mons at the same time which is why you lost. But if you were more patient you probably would have won. I can’t remember the full line up sorry, but it was a good team

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I remember that game. I dnt like playing long matches so i will rush a lot. Plus i needed to kill them monsters because they were annoying


I think facing your team which had magma 5, valza, geo …
Can’t remember full but first 8 were all stun immune/counter/convertor,
It was really hard to go through first 8.

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Yeah tbf I’d you didn’t kill them they were about to get their turn. GG! That was a good team you put out


I liked your full SE team. That was the best. Use that one this ranked PvP.


You spelled angelion wrong

Anyway the 2 hardest ones Imo are the regalion angel and retribution front


I don’t play neo so you safe


I ain’t run a retribution FL in awhile. I’ll try next pvp again




Ohhhh. In that case the one with Sol Totum Gold into Bain.


Yea u never played against me than. I don’t understand Nuttin u said lol


Are we not talking about our Mario Kart 8 match last night? You totally wiped out on my banana peel.


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