Dungeon Challenge Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Dungeon Challenge event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.

I love the new event. Js

On the previous dungeon challenge. I only able to go to a depth of B83F. But since jackalhotep released, I have completed this dungeon in just 1 day.

I used Oniblade, jackalhotep, lavaronix, and shadowhunter in the frontline. Cybereon and galliodragon at 5&6 spot. Mojinator in the end of team. It became best combination in Dungeon challenge.
The first step was One-on-one of oniblade. Then switchplace of jackalhotep. Then purifying mist of mojinator. Then sleep of shadowhunter. Continued with lavaronix, and go on. If there is urgency, exit plan of mojinator will invite shocking entrance of cybereon. Also salvation of mojinat can heal the frontliner.

Hope developers read this comment and can increase the level until B150F. :slight_smile: hehe
Now, I have to wait the next event.

That’s my story. Hopefully useful…

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You could have done this before using a 2 star send back monster, mojinator in 5th spot, cybereon in 6th and Gallio in 7th

Skyflame you meant? The speed is 78 while oniblade is 86.

How you defeat against Bane toxic entrance or 2 or more DR in the same battle?

so far I have not met the toxic entrance. Speed of “DR” like nebelronix is 32. to overcame him I have to make him fall asleep before he made “clone” then kill him last time. If shadowhunter or oniblade got lethal, he can still be saved. If lavaronix got lethal, mechaviathan in back spot can replace him. If jackalhotep or mojinator got lethal, I have to exit and try again. :smiley:
Another serious threat here was “sleep killer”. he is always faster than “oniblade”. Therefore I used “holdground sleeper”.

Oh right jack is sleep immune
My bad sorry

Make oni +9 and he will outspeed TK (at pve at least)

Btw your team is weak to stun and toxic entrance, cant really see why gallio is in there so you can replace him with choco - a last resort stun absorder that also has life flip friend - very usefull

I will try to give him +9.
Yes, the weak is tox trance. btw. did you ever meet toxtrance? i have opinion that the dev deliberately make event like dungeon or “UC” rare of toxtrance.
Haha… :smiley: I used gallio I just need his flash to steal a chance. I wil try to swap him with choco.
Nice advice guy. Thanks

Np man.

And at UC you meet other players teams, so if they use toxic entrance - you will meet them. And btw, at UC i meet so many toxic entrances that its kinda anoying lol

And for DC - year ive met bane 1 or 2 times. Its hard to counter him back, you jeed to hope he dont have stun absorder and stun him to hell

Oh yes, I forgot that we meet other players in the UC. Haha

Reached the gatekeeper on floor 100 and faced with the infinite 400s bug.
Wanna delete the game.

Its only been open for a day. I’m sure youll be able to reach floor 100 again and beat it.

edit: questions about healing
do monsters further in your team heal faster when the battle last longer. i.e. kill enemy team vs sleep them to heal mosnters for the next match. Or do they heal equally per battle? Whats the trick?

I really need help to progress in the dungeon. Here are my monsters I’m able to evolve Shiva or the 1on1 dream hunt guy if needed. I don’t think I got the right monsters to reach level 83 I want the legend pots but happy to listen to advice:

I’ve tried desperate all and desperate double monsters. Gallio dragon helped me progress to kevel 65. But I can’t go further. I don’t have any real way to sleep lock them. That 1on1 guy might help maybe Shiva?

Gallio gear zhulong drako fl

I seriously hate DC. I came to lv61 with Delu/Descyion/Midas/leo FL and Shuri on 5th. When there is always one team that beats the ■■■■ out of me. I can’t imagine a non sleep lock lineup there.

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I hate it as well lnd feel the same. Very hard event for me.

I will try it again when i’m at home and will put more blockers in my team, that delugazar will survive longer.

IMO it s*cks that all of your clones are wasted. I can’t use Atras/Reven/Cyro/Nebel which are mandatory for the most of my PvE Teams. I’m not sure if it’s the same with auro but probably it won’t be possible to heal rearguard, too.

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