Is dread wolf worth trying to get 2 hatchlings and fully evolving them

Hey I’m hunting for dreadwolf the only thing that blocks my path to that is finding a snorkling :’(

Baxter you fuse Soltusk and Glazio to get dreadwolf. They are starter monsters found on the first 4 steps north of the town. for Dread u will need Snorkling(Fire) and Frostkit (Water). Hatchling are the ones found north of Agramis. But i think dread wolf is a very strong monster =) hes very good to get if you dont have any egg monsters. Even than you still want him in your normal line up, strong AOE

He is fantastic!

Get one and raise those starters up!

Not worth the effort. In PVP, its last stand is inferior to Don’s showdown. It also lacks single attacks. Its AOEs are not that powerful either. Being a beast, it is prone to beastbane too.

That’s true for pretty much every monster, if it’s a dragon then you’re got dracobane to counter it, if it’s metal then they’re’s metal slash, fish monsters have fishbane etc. I wasn’t a beta but it seems likely that every class of monsters would have some attack that does extra damage to them

The difference is that Beastbane and Dracobane are actually fairly common among mid-high level monsters. Beasts are at the mercy of Coldheart/Fireheart and the other to-be-released Heart lions. Dragons are torn apart by Pyroviper and Georex, among other things. What do fish have to be afraid of? Pengster?

Surprisingly, the fish don’t really have a “bane”

But the stunners and poisoners do

Well, yes they do Deadpool :stuck_out_tongue: It’s called fishbane, Naga is one that has it.

Dreadwolf and the monkey riding on the dinosour are a complete disappointment. All that work just to put them on the bench. If you dont have many other good arks tho you can put a dreadwolf at the end just before don. In PvP i mean

I agree that tremorback is disappointing but Dreadwolf is something I would expect to see

The only thing I would change is retreat to no defense

Why is Tremorback disappointing? I was planning to upgrade my Thunderback soon.

Guys where can I find a sol tusk it chose the frost kit as my starter and I really need a soltusk

Snorkling is found on the forth spot above orlen, on the road.

Breezekite has fishbane, I removed him from my team when he was too strong to weaken monsters for capture and too weak to be a permanent member