Need 21 dragon types

I only have 15 but not really sure what I am missing?!

What do you have so far?

Then I can tell ya what to go for

I have all the hatchlings, plasmarex, Levi, georex, stegotops, blazewing, pterasoar, seadile, thick skull, clubby, and pearex

How about sizzler, lavaraptor  mechadino, angelon, omegawyrm, typhonwyrm, magmawyrm, arkwing (?), and darkling (?)?

I’m not sure about the last two because they are rewards for collecting or leveling…

I don’t know if evolutions count, either.

Where is lavaraptor, sizzler, and the two parts for mechdino fusion?!

Mechadino is made out of Rexy (west of the cave southwest of Earun) and chopperbug (which is at the beginning of the desert).

Lavaraptor is east of Finam.

Sizzler is one spot above Azid Ziggurrat (the pyramid in the desert)

For rexy and kava raptor is it one spot away from those locations?

I think so, yeah. But lavaraptor can be found in other spots too. I don’t know about rexy.

rexy you can find south of larkel.
same place where you find marspin recipe

You can also find chopperbug in the pit in the desert near Ravindal

where do u get a pearex

You can also look at Tiberius’ guide on complete lists of Monster types, there are plenty of dragons to capture.
And then if you see some you can look at Ashley’s guide on where to find every monster but there may be a lot of scrolling involved. (Part 1) (Part 2)
Also, Lachzeer’s guide to rare monsters contains plenty of dragon’s who aren’t too hard to capture.