Dragon Island Blue Discussion Thread

No clue. Never attempted it


I got all the hatchlings

But did not unlock Cryohydra or Pyrohydra recipe until 2 of them were Wyverns

Wow. Days of grinding down the drain


Player: Walks out of town

Megaslugs camping Olympia:

Where are the hatchlings?


Earth, Air, Fire, Water

They are gold, white, red, and blue if I remember correctly

Which spots on the map?

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The beginning.

Extremely low chance, but I still got them!

Also, I killed one before, and I am big sad

On the first, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spots on the path at he start?

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there’s a hill with a tree on it…it’s either that one or the hill to the south of it

Haha name the thread DiB discussion :grinning:

hehehe but I can’t do that…

wWith a 1/1000 chance, I makes a big difference

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I think I will

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Also stack up a bunch of thunder wolves because their recipe is overpowered

If a mod splits the topic in two

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Also, the abyss is one of the most useful features in the game.


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The volcano next to that one town with no one in it

every 10 floors after floor 100, you get another monster slot!

There’s also a boss every 10 floors after 100 that gives you a gold egg after being defeated

Do the checkpoints get farther and farther apart?

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