Dragon Island Blue Discussion Thread

This is going to be about the Game Dragon island Blue from ZigzaGame. Please delete your replies on the previous topic.


Bastia got Max defense and health (can’t recall the exact numbers)
Max speed is 99
Azida got Max attack I think (can’t recall the numbers)
Dunno about the minimum stuff
Check monsterdex for the numbers

Assuming only final forms are counted…

Minimum Health- Bluetail (657, lvl 5)

Minimum Attack- Glaukindle (750, lvl 6)

Minimum Speed- Megaiasloth (17%)

Minimum Defence- Mantisword (635, lvl 5)

Interestingly, these are all pretty much the first of their kind in the monsterdex… the first monster is the lowest HP, the second full attack monster is the lowest DEF (first would be Bronzeshell), the first full defence monster is the lowest ATK. There are a few monsters with 18% speed but Megaiasloth is the only one with 17%.

They’re pretty good in Neo Monsters too!

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As a throw fodder :joy:

so untrained or not?

because that makes a big difference…

Yeah. Lowest stats at the lowest level at the lowest evo. The lowest possible number that a stat can be without external nerfs to that stat


Never Mind

Doesn’t count, as it is a move. With stacking stat boosts and nerf, the lowest stat is 0 and the highest stat is probably the 32-bit integer limit


Btw random tangent:

Did you ever beat DiB?

Bonus round: What is the highest damage you have even seen an attack do? Using a Roidguard infinite clone strat, Satomi did 2,147,483,647 damage using bloodthirst after getting several hundred kills. This may be the limit, since most apps can’t represent numbers higher than this.


No. I am still Trying, though


How about the damage from death sentence or finishing snap?

200,000. Muuuuuuuch lower


Sadly my iOS no longer supports DiB…I just had to beat westguard, and I would have won

Never gotten close to that far. I have a phone with HI and DIB still working. As far as I know, it is the only one of its kind left


Hmmm…I think finishing snap does 2,999,999,999, but I’m not sure

How far have you gotten?

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Can’t remember right now. Still in the town after you beat the water dragon, with a bunch of lvl 40’s. I have a long way to go


How much damage do the Buff monsters the fake fight in the Moji quest do?

(also what happens when you win)