Doing the impossible ("Documenting" the 292->300 journey)

First HR 300!

So I grinded lvls 298 and 299 in 2 days, 16.5 million exp in total. Now I’m going to write down some details of how I did it despite one guy already being at 299 when I started my grind (the closer and closer I got to 300 I feared they were gonna beat me to it). At around 10th december I decided to start my super epic bond journey after discussing the cost of getting 1 ore with Killerdog. The conclusion was, I would need about 11 refills from 0 to 80 at HR292 as I already had a high cap on my ticket bar, and the rewards between those levels cover most of that with gems and nectars. From there I grinded 4-8 bonds to level 80 every day. (Bonds have the best EXP/gem cost ratio out of all exp grind events in neo)

At first I didn’t use the nectars I got as reward at all, they kept piling up and then I got the idea to save all of them for 1 epic grind at the end of the road. From there on I kept saving nectars, doing around 500k exp every day. My hero rank went up quite consistently. I did every single super epic bond to level 80 within 1.5 month which piled up a massive 19.5M exp! This grind was a 2 in 1, as the ores are a really good reward on top of that. When the bond grind was over my HR was 297, halfway through. I had over 480 nectars at this point and had done all the calculations from 298 to 300. So, at the end, the nectars gave around 8M exp, and the remaining 8.5M was done by gems. (cost 240 gems)


Now you might wonder where this grind was done, and KDs HR thread covers the best options for best EXP/time and EXP/ticket ratios. Only reason I did bond first was because the cost was cheap, and exp was still quite good. Just a little slow since it yielded 500k exp a day. So to get largest amount of exp in shortest time, the hell mode black beast was definitely the best option for me. All nectars were spent on the 50 ticket battle which gives 9240 exp, and since nectars did not overfill tickets no amount of tickets went to waste on this. When nectars were all depleted my HR was 299 already. From there on I did refills with gems, using a battle pattern that Duck had suggested: 3 battles on the 50 ticket black beast hell mode and 1 battle on the regular black beast. This worked perfectly as well as the ticket cap was 188, and these four battles added up to 182. (less waste, 34200 EXP each gem) The teams I used on these battles consisted of ldiefaeth, demontoad and anglomaiden. If ldiefaeth is enraged it will 1 shot the boss, but on the regular battle there is also death revenge you have to avoid and anglomaiden has double darkbane and hold ground to take care of that. You can also only use moku on the regular battle, but I preferred to not swap teams as that would take a lot of time.

Here are the dates I leveled up, starting at 293


Also, that’s not all! There’s a hidden twist which was discovered from reaching 300, and that is… it’s not max level… I don’t know what is max, but I will grind for 301, just not in 1 day :joy:



Oh my God!! I have read everything, very cool, thanks for sharing all this, I felt in your skin and I imagine the exhausting work you have done, my biggest congratulations to you, FIRST HR 300 from 7 years of Neo Monsters…

Now…you should suggest an HR 300 icon that only you can use, that would be awesome


Congratulations of making neo history!!! My favorite part on giving you advice for the final push was reporting on hen’s login times so we could map out his rough sleep schedule. It was great scaring you into thinking he was gonna beat you to HR 300 on the final week :duck::duck::duck:


I think the PvP Goat debate ends here. Amazing achievement



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Definitely deserves a unique icon or a unique shiny token monster as a reward


You did it twice and omg you are evil



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there’s some sort of existential dread in this revelation

Congrats on becoming the first and only member of the 300 club :partying_face: :partying_face:


They steadily increased the max HR from 100 to 200 over the first few years. On the 3rd anniversary that’s when they added 200-300. So for us really old timers we had a lot of wasted exp before HR 300 became a thing. So basically it’s about 5 years of playing people have been able to work towards HR 300.

Yes a HR 300 icon is a brilliant idea. I’ll pester VKC about it!

The real question is…
Can I be your 100th friend? (37155021)

Also, really big congrats achieving this. The grinding speed was insane! I’m on track for HR 300 in about 6-7 months. I look forward to joining the club :slight_smile:


congrats mate :+1:


A bit, but I’ll reach 301 quickly. I’m curious what lies beyond, sneaky @Dev_VKC adding levels and not reporting it on change logs (I think).

Yes please do that!

I have actually not even filled 60 slots atm, I kept deleting people who went offline for more than 2 days and shared bad monsters. When doing bond I didn’t lose that often on manual play, but the times I was countered hard I happened to have monsters like ankou or GF morning as shared monster. This did not go so well. If anyone has tried to add me and said “friend list full” then it was because my request box was full 24/7, despite emptying it every 10-60 minutes. This did give me massive amount of friend points and shares. Beginning the grind with 0 points and about 40k shares, here’s where it is now:

Good luck on your road to 300, it’ll be much easier than mine as you’re only about 20 million away :stuck_out_tongue:

And thank you everyone!


Pretty insane… Just as a curiosity, how many hours do you reckon you have in the app?

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Just doing math with rough numbers here: I have 6000 battles in pvp, that’s not counting the pvp battles that were before seasons were introduced. Idk how many battles I did before that but i can probably add another 1000 to it. Let’s say, on average 8 minutes every battle. Rounding numbers would bring me to 1000 hours just inside pvp battles. During this grind since start of december i had about 18 hours a day, most days. That’s another 1000 hours. It’s really hard to decide the number, but i believe I have north of 5000 hours on the game at least.


18 hours a day… What in the… :upside_down_face: How do you have so much time?

Auto play did 90% of the grind. Im just counting screen time, not actual time i played the game myself.

AI spends about 2 hours to do the 0-70 bond grind, and only thing I do is setup for next battle.70-80 is not very consistent on auto play so this was done manually. I only needed to monitor when AI finished the battle, and then setup the next one. Therefore I could have my phone doing neo all waking hours even when at work or making dinner.


You really like yo be first to achieve things , congrats that was insane


Another joins the HR 300 club!

@Unown You only just managed to beat him to it!


didn’t know yumi was such a high lvl too.

My fear was true after all then, sneaking from 298 to 300 was my only move :sweat_smile:

Did this happen just now?