Does the fight outcome change through time?

Hello again guys I am playing the offline story and facing one of those tough battles that requires restarting the fight numerous times…

But I noticed that the opponent’s monsters are getting stronger with each restart, for example I was able to one shot a monster using confident strike, that doesn’t happen anymore I barely put him in red…

Is this normal?

There’s a small variance in damage of your attacks. This means that your monsters won’t hit exactly the same damage each time even though you’re targeting the same monster with the same attack… There are also a lot of other factors that influence the final damage output, namely your monster’s attack stat and the enemy’s defense stat. These things combined determine the final damage and sometimes this value is really close to a monster’s HP value. With the variance coming into play, the monster might die or it might just survive. Hope it helps!


Each time you attack the monster and come back they get stronger

Just like in pvp


I have same problem with episode xx that boost is so much . Before I see forum I thought all of the game is about to have more mythic and legendary so can finish all episode but I saw in YouTube some people won with give turn strategies. Unfortunately I dont have any hero to make 1 shot them so I stuck :neutral_face:

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You have many death revenge monsters which is good! Use them, and what I also recommend is using Polaboss in the frontline. That guy received a buff recently and what you should do with him is:

  1. Stun enemy team a lot.
  2. Keep spamming 50 sec crescendo strike.
  3. Polaboss should be able to 1 shot everything with 50 sec. Eliminate enemies one by one as they enter.

Thanks for advice I will try them

He’s the lost son of @NMEGaryOak

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I am stuck in same episode and my team and rank is much lower than yours, I made twice till the last monster tho

That magmarinus is so annoying

It’s called status buff

This game is definitely not about having legendaries and mythics then beating every challenge easily. You need a good collection if you want to complete everything, but strategy trumps all of that (in PvE).

Damage variance is ±10% so if an attack can only just kill a monster it could also theoretically leave the monster on roughly 20% health left.