Messed up stats

the stats are screwed up. I have 5-star monsters hitting there super effective on my team with their single element attacks and when I do the same it doesn’t not do the same damage, it does significantly less and they r the same type of monsters(attack based). And even when I do the chamber of statue, I have 2 starters completely ultra evolved and when I do the same attacks as the ultra evolve of starters, the enemy team does WAY more damage, it’s not equal and it pisses me off, another case is I also have a rexotyrant legendary and enemy rexotyrants do more damage with ultradusk(all) than mine cuz I compared damage when I used mine to fight it. These need to be fixed cuz I can’t get any damage in without using time strikes and others special condition moves, when enemies I face can do normal moves and basically wipe out half my health on every monster (5stars vs 5stars). And there group attacks actually do wipe out 1/3 of my team health and when I use the same type of monster I deal 1/5 to 1/6 and its freaking stupid!