Does speed actually even do anything?

So I have a ued chronotitan with lvl 8 speed at 77
And using bomb curse I decided to use one on one to ensure the bomb curse goes off so I use the yeti from trials (NOT UED AND NOT FULLY TRAINED) with lvl 6 speed at 67… it is bonuses to +2 but I turned off the entrance speed effect. And have done around 11 pvp battles and EVERY BATTLE YETI GOES FIRST, chrono has 10 more speed then yeti yet always goes second.
Also when I use 1 on 1 it seems to have a %1500
Chance to leave the only purifier on the enemy’s team awake, I get 1-1 is based on rng but it sure doesnt seem like it. It always leaves purify mons awake its dumb… this is about chrono and yetis speed tho. Does it even actually do anything why have a faster mon if it always goes after slower mons?

Ask Galvbane if speed matters…

Also go get yourself one if you haven’t already


The stats when not fully trained are just cosmetic I believe. So he is not really 67 % speed.

speed is cool

In PvP monsters are automatically boosted to maximum speed to prevent any unintended combos. I believe this only happens for second forms, not first forms (I don’t see it happening for my 1st form Qilin).

I know it’s very confusing but it’s something that had to be added when they made speed nerfs to certain monsters to avoid combos but people were still able to pull them off by using one of the monsters in second form.

:thinking: are there any slower 1-1 mons I can use to ensure chrono goes first? I only have few monsters and just trying to get omegamid and crown from pvp since crown is only available once a month, getting things I need to use my legends is hard when I have no good mons yet lol

Never mind I found one, I’m just going to ue, shadow lance the se

Yea pretty sure he’s on fill speed. The untrained stats are kinda jainky to explain, but you can just skip right? Also try pvp, Cus emmy purifyer is always slept


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I am playing pvp, that’s where the enemy purify is always left awake, I just want the crown and omegamid lol

the other stats are boosted to max aswell in PvP, not only speed.

Guess we’re destined to clash then. We could create the Neomon singularity! Except I’d win before you get OoO off :wink:

No, you’ll need to get bonus on Chronotitan to make it faster than an 82% speed monster.

This accs really new lol unless you just started there should be no way we meet in pvp :sweat_smile: maybe in the future but not anytime soon

Legend potions aren’t really an option for me atm :3

Well my mons doesn’t show that kind of changes in PvP. Example my earth Rhino. Whose speed is 67%. And had same speed in PvP. And then I trained him to get 90% full speed. Well it works. As it is 90%. I don’t think :thinking: that kind of prblm wil be in PvP. Note: rhino in second form