PVP FL time

Hello guys,

i am a little bit confused because of the time in my frontline…

My Mechaviathan is every time about 15 seconds slower than the Mecha from my opponent… ok i can live with that.

But what i really dont understand is that the Mecha from my opponent is faster than my Gloridrake, its 32 % speed against 51 % speed… And this shit happens now for more than 10 games…

Do i understand something wrong about the speed and time in first turn? Or what is happen there? It would be nice if someone can help me out and explain it to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!



Sorry but did you considered potion effects?
I mean that’s what potion are for :wink:
I hope it helped

You do not need to say sorry :slight_smile:

I thought potions are just for the cooldown reduction because of the explanation “For each bonus the skill needs less seconds”. So if i use potions the cooldown goes down but the speed of the monster is not affected, it stays at the same percent. Thats what i thought.

It is a bit confusing when the monster gets faster, but it is not displayed in the percentage.

Anyway, thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

It gets an extra 1% speed for every potion when it is in the frontline.

tell that to a +9 lava outspeeding midas :v