Can't find any info online, two questions regarding speed and 'sacrifice skills'

  1. in this game is speed rng at all? if i have one monster with 32% speed and one with 33% speed will the 33% one ALWAYS go first? if not whats the % variance?

  2. can i use ‘this kills a teammate’ skills on teammate bronze shells?

also does anyone have any info on 6* lime skills? i found a page with her skill NAMES online but there are no skill descriptions

  1. There is element of luck in speed and 33 speed will not always go before 32 speed.
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Cannibalize, Cannibalize token, backstab, backbite, unwanted morph rockoid morph, all these can be used to kill bronzeshells and remove dead weights on ur team

if the one with 32% is potted itll def get a turn before the 33%, but if theyre standard it should be the faster one first majority of the times

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whats ‘potted’ mean? also why does my wilhelmina always go before my pink whale, when wil has 36% speed and whale has 49% speed

Bonus potions you can feed monsters to increase their TU and speed.

perhaps u didnt train him to max his speed, or your whilhelmina is +9, I think you awoke her so thats the most logical reason

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Speed doesn’t matter. It’s all rng and often your +9 monster is behind the same enemy one even that enemy’s one is +0. That’s how it works. :clown_face:

thanks! also if i use the skills you mentioned to remove the bronze shells, i’ll still get the benefits from the skills right? it doesnt just kill the bronze shell

For backbite, it kills whomever you chose and heals the user, the same with cannibalize token and cannibalize, only these heals the team, so in general whatever there is to the skill, it gets applied, lol unless a wave tail is on field, you cant use any cannibalizing or backbite/stab skills.

cool, thanks! what’s wave tail?

Its a dope SE

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wow hoping and praying i can get that one day…

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do you know anything about vinegazer? im wondering if the dupe is literally a copy of the base vinegazer without any penalties at all. like it does literally everything the base one can do

Yes, when you use sprout conversion itll have the same skills as the final form, however the skill germinate leaves a first form vineyard on the ops team, this concept is vinelock lol

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Okay so last question, so if I use sprout conversion, i can use that sprout conversioned vine to use sprout conversion and make another vine (if my first non clone one dies)?

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Correct and then the cycle continues like that

I know it’s daunting sometimes to look at a lengthy guide but this thread explains entrance speed very clearly: KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide. A simple answer to your question is yes, there is some variance so when there’s only a couple points difference in speed stat between the two monsters they can swap order.

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they should remove this, a monster with higher speed should always play first, it doesn’t seem fair to me for the rng to take care of this as you could say a game for this

It’ll be boring otherwise.