Does aurodragon need a buff?

30% chance is just so low that I feel like it’s a little underwhelming. Would it be too much to buff it to 40% you think?

íts quite low altho I’ve been quite lucky with the proc lately… the biggest problem he has is that while he’s waiting to do his “thing” (ressing people and healing the backline to add 4 extra monsters with full hp to your backline) he’s being quite useless… you can utilize him earlier by using Throw as new monsters get added to the back come in… but this destroys the purpose of his heal rearguard skill.

his Attack all is nothing more than a “giga” which does little to no damage… he’s pretty much useful for stealth teammate during the time he’s building up rearguard monsters and that’s about it.

tho when looking at his chance to rezz monsters… if you up it too much it can go out of control pretty fast - let’s say you use Aurodragon  & bahamuzar in combination… if every monster that dies gets ressurected you’re feeding Throws into both Aurodragon & Bahamuzar which will take out enemies way too easily.

I suppose his chance is kept this low so that it wouldn’t be too powerful in combination with other monsters. but the chance is too low in order to utilize his heal rearguard properly.