Hi everyone, I have a few questions about him

both for PVE and PVP…

  • Is he meant to always not to die first when hit by an AoE attack? for example, a double piercing move will hit Auro and 1 more target. The target always die first before Auro. I’ve been noticing it since then so I’m just curious. It always happen whenever I encounter one.

  • Will the reincarnation passive will still work if it has no reinforcements? Since UC is currently happening, and I never seen one but if a team was buit like this:

Aurodragon, Ankoudragon, Revenarchion, Yin/Yang

if a single AoE from boosted enemies will kill all except Auro (with 1HP from HG), will it become Auro, 2 Ankou, 2 Reve and 2 Yin/Yang?

I don’t have Auro and Reve so I don’t know. :hugs: Thanks for answering.

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I can’t answer the team question because I have Reve and Ankou on a different account that Auro and Yin, but the first one seems to have been intentional, as it is very reliable.

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It depends on who is the other target . If it doesn’t have hold ground , auro will die second reviving the other monster .
If both have hg , i believe it’s rng


Yes , but Reincarnation will not revive a monster revived by auro already . And if u somehow get 2 ankoudragon with auro on field , u can create an army of ankou


sometimes no

yes,but when you kill them again ,they are permanentely die

I think 1 auro,2 ankou,1nox egg,1revenant,2yin/yang


If Auro is on hg and both die simultaneously, Auro will revive.

I have apoken

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If it gets a nerf then rare egg will lose its value significantly


Aurodragon is only REALLY annoying in UC because of DR spam and the fact it counters Sleep.

It made me learn the importance of Apedemek though


Change my mind passive “reincarnation” = “auto necromancy”

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I think necromancy can bring dead targets

So can Reincarnation, just it’s done automatically

I meant already brought to life ones

Ah, in that case no. Both can’t resurrect monsters who’ve already been resurrected.

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Oh thanks

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Yes you can really make an army of ankou. My friend has both ankou and auro and he just make 3 ankou on the field with auro and have 7 more ankou in reinforcements​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (this can work mainly in pve).
My fried steamrolled the pve and finished it first than me even if I was playing earlier than him​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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oh yeah, thanks for correcting :joy: I forgot about that little egg

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this is what happens everytime I encounter it

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Another example is 1 HP Aurodragon and non-HG enemy. Auro will always die after the other one.

btw, thanks for answering everyone.

Best way to deal with Auro is to poison it and single hit it or just single hit it with piercing. No bullshit revivals.