Do you think I can beat SCB with these neo monsters?

I am always stucked at the third stage of SCB. Do you think it’s worth trying with these monsters? I tried a lot of different teams but it seems impossible… :frowning:

These are my neo monsters

3 legendaries
Apollorexus 13
Aurodragon 13
Noxdragon 13

You can try some variations eith auro + stun bursts / sleep bombs, into twin death sentence SE. Could work

First evolve serguard and chronox

no but if you have luck you may win

I beat my first SCB with only a flarewing and necrowing.

Yes you can do it.

Hi Isegal! Yes I did win a lot of difficult battles with this strategy but SCB seems like a very extreme version! I don’t know how to handle. But thank you for the tip I will try it more. Maybe I need also some luck with it. :slight_smile:

Hallo prise05. As soon as I get the moaliths I will evolve chronox.

that was waaaaaaaay too long ago, SCB where easier those days, i did my first one with only lava

So you are trying to say that my team of monsters sucks. Thank you very much supreeth! This will help me out for real. :smiley:

Thanks Zardecil. What happened to F2P by the way? I wanted to join your clan after beating SCB…

It became RAF.

My first SCB extreme was won using Puffoxin and Rhynobrawl mainly…with tons of luck…><"

I don’t see RAF in your nickname…?

Don’t tell me you did win the third battle with death roulette. :smiley:

Haven’t bothered to change it yet.

I won my first Xtreme SCB only with Galvbane, many protectors and chronox in the middle.
At endgame purifoxin and rhynobrawl or however they are called :wink: