Do u think we will get a new pvp event this weekend?

Iam hoping for it  :slight_smile:

Iam hoping for it :slight_smile:

Would be fun, but I kinda want an event this weekend where there is little effort involved. Lol
Would be nice to have the new story before the 8th so we can do another roll of the wheel too.

Be nice if Devs could give us an update to what’s going on with pvp

yeah that would be really nice to know! 

When the devs don’t post it means they are hard at work plus Ryan has been flat out recently
I’m sure when everything is ready they will post
It’s all going to be worth it

I prefer them on the weekdays bc I works nights and I don’t play much on the weekends. So most events I come out flying then fall off on Saturday and Sunday. It sucks.

hoping for it as well but there’s no point in asking/posting about it… Devs are working as hard as they can, if replies are low it means they are working so that’s alright by me

jaaay the devs are the best :slight_smile:

i dont even care about ranked rewards as long i can battle u guys!

Yeah I would be happy if they just opened it up no rewards no tickets to fight just be able to fight. Least if dc it doesn’t mean anything

Hopefully we would get an actual pvp event in the future that works. Even though the exhibition arenas are nice, i don’t see them to be competitive enough to invest a lot of time in. (imo) the devs are doing a good job so far…

refresh game for the news-update - another exhibition event… This time I won’t be as stupid as to try to stay in top 10 as it’s actually useless which I realized too late at the end of the other event… just gonna attempt a lot of different strategies this time around.

That’s the plan it’s a perfect way to test out teams and just have fun win or lose we can all enjoy

lol i just use rhyno, talo, freeznix andpuffoxin in my frontline for funsies and to be annoying…its hidans fault he brought the idea into my head :smiley:

This I can get down with. Having no pressure feels good so we can test. Still hope there is a ranking to make sure we face similar skill levels, though.

there is. the info said we will start with the same battlepoints as last time

I need to stop reading these when I first wake up. Lol.
I just realized I’ll start at 10, then. Lol. Oops. I’m a top 50-100 so I guess I’ll get crushed early on.

We are getting one, it’s been announced in the in game news :slight_smile:

Lol don’t go too fast with nebel, try giving him some protection & get time to create dupes for mega fun. I think I’ll try to minimum create 4-5 dupes and let auro come in at some point to heal the backline. 4 extra full HP nebels will be good lol

hhm alright iam going to set it up with sleep or stun. ur right! having more nebels means having more fun :slight_smile:

Not for the enemy.